Training Scheduling & Qualification Tracking for Part 135 Operators

All Part 135 pilots must be regularly trained on all aspects of flight including weight and balance of each plane, air traffic control procedures, meteorology, recognizing and avoiding bad weather, instrument proficiency under IFR. Flight attendants must also be trained. TRiM 5 can help your operations schedulers and managers to edit, view and manage your schedule to ensure federal aviation regulations are properly met.

TRiM 5 gives you drag-and-drop functionality to schedule Routes, Pairings, Locations, Resources, Equipment and Crew. Keep abreast of crew and employee qualifications to ensure that everyone stays current, and use TAM to electronically grade pilots and crew on any mobile device and save the data automatically.

TRiM 5 provides seamless scheduling integration between scheduler, instructors, students and management. Automated tracking of training requirements, and a stunning visual drag and drop scheduling environment, this allows schedulers to create and manage schedules in 75% less time.

Automated Scheduling
Automated Scheduling is a very powerful tool in TRiM 5. The ability to complete hours of repetitive work in a fraction of the time. By simply importing your employee list or adding your employees requirements manually you can be off and running. The scheduler will create resource slots based on your unique templates, and will fill them with everything based on qualifications and course limits. Automated scheduling can be completed on certain activities or everything can be selected to be done in a single operation. Your time will no longer be spent scheduling and you’ll have time to move on to other things.

Import can set up all your resource slots automatically
TRiM 5 has a versatile import/export functionality allowing seamless data transfer to your other applications. Import things like pilot activities, requirements, bid awards, and vacation days, and export schedules, bid lists, and many other reports. Whether it’s an in-house application, or a commercial product, TRiM  5 has the ability to handle the flow of data to keep your systems running smoothly.

Flexible User Permissions
With flexible and extensive user permission options, you’ll never have to worry about someone doing something they shouldn’t again. Set up user roles ahead of time and simply apply them to specific users as required.

With a built-in notification system you never have to worry about keeping anyone updated on their schedule again. You can set auto-notifications for schedule changes, or they can be sent manually. Have messages sent to the instructor or students message board, and also to their company or personal email accounts. Auto-load content with message templates and employee names to eliminate errors and to make things quick and easy.

Change Log
With TRiM 5 Change Log, never again will you be unsure of who did what and when. All changes to resource time slots are recorded for reference and accountability. You can use the change tracker to check up on troublesome schedulers, or preferably as a reference in case of possible error. Whatever your particular need, the change log is an invaluable resource for maintaining your schedules.